Reasons Not To Choose Mined Diamonds

Engraved On Diamond Rings
Engraved On Diamond Rings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

People are now more aware of the problems associated with the diamond mining industry. Therefore, many people avoid these stones and choose more ethical options for their engagement rings. So if you are wondering whether natural diamonds can be suitable for you, then the following are some of the reasons for you to avoid them:

It Is Associated With Human Suffering

The diamond mining industry is closely associated with the violation of human rights and the exploitation of workers. Child labor and other illegal practices are also reported in relation to diamond mining. Therefore, these stones can contribute to human suffering.

Additionally, the “conflict” diamonds are used as a source to support rebel groups. Even though these problems were reported more in the past, they still happen today. So when buying such diamonds, you are actually contributing to human suffering.

It Involves Unregulated Working Conditions

The diamond mining industry relies on unregulated working conditions. People working in these mines are underpaid. Also, they work in extremely dangerous conditions that can risk even their lives. There are no standard safety and security precautions available for people working in diamond mines. A lack of proper tools and safety equipment leads to a large number of fatalities every year.

It Damages The Environment

Diamond mining creates a great impact on the environment in a negative way. The ecological footprint left behind by the mining industry is huge. It can contribute to the destruction of a huge area of land thereby creating severe ecological impacts. Diamond mining is found to create irreversible ecological damage.

Profit Is Used To Fund Wars

A huge portion of the profits associated with the selling of mined diamonds is used to fund wars that can bring human suffering. Hence, people with high moral and ethical values avoid these stones.

The Diamonds Are Highly Expensive

Mined diamonds are very expensive, especially, those with high-quality or rare colors. Therefore, it might not be possible for everyone to get these stones.

There Is An Ethical Alternative Available

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

If you want diamonds that are free of the issues created by the diamond mining industry, then lab grown diamonds can be a great choice for you. These diamonds have the exact same features as natural diamonds including their chemical structure, appearance, and physical properties. But they are free of the problems associated with the mining of diamonds, as these stones are created inside a laboratory under controlled conditions.

Also, these stones are 40% less costly than natural ones. Therefore, lab grown diamonds can be a wonderful reason for you to ditch natural diamonds.

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