Choosing Between Yellow, White, And Rose Gold

Clean Diamond Rings
Clean Diamond Rings
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Lab Grown Diamonds

Gold is available in different stunning hues including yellow, white, and rose. Even though they mostly contain gold, these gold varieties can also contain some other metals that are added to enhance their strength. The alloys added to each type of gold can be different. Also, the properties of different varieties of gold can vary based on the alloys present in them.

If you are wondering which type of gold can be suitable for your engagement ring, then we list some of the important things you want to know about each of them:

Yellow Gold

When we think of gold, yellow gold is the option that immediately comes to our minds. This metal encapsulates the glory and divinity of the sun. It is a symbol of royalty and luxury because of its shiny and stunning color.

People consider yellow gold as pure gold, as the raw gold that is mined from the earth has almost the same color. However, the yellow gold you see in jewelry comes with some alloys, as pure gold is extremely soft to be used on its own.

Some alloys added in yellow gold are silver, copper, and zinc. These metals offer more strength to yellow gold.

You can get 18k and 24k yellow gold in jewelry. 24k gold is very pure and it can get damaged easily. 18k gold contains more alloys which can offer it more durability.

Yellow gold can create a great choice for diamond rings, as it can bring a stunning contrast with the white shine of these stones. It can also match all other colored gemstones.

White Gold

White gold is popular because of its similarity to platinum in terms of appearance. People see it as a more affordable alternative to platinum. By choosing white gold instead of platinum and lab grown diamonds instead of natural ones, you can make your engagement ring more affordable.

The alloys present in white gold are nickel, zinc, silver, etc. It also comes with rhodium plating to enhance its shine.

White gold is found to create skin allergies in some people because of the presence of nickel. Also, the rhodium coating of your white gold jewelry can wear off after a few years, so you will have to re-plate it occasionally.

Rose Gold

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

The addition of copper to pure gold offers the beautiful color associated with rose gold. Silver is also added to rose gold to create different variations in color.

The presence of copper makes rose gold allergic to some people.

All varieties of gold can be stunning in their own way. Choosing between them can be solely based on your personal preferences and likes.

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