Why Put An Oval Shaped Diamond On Your Engagement Ring?

Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds can be a stunning and unique alternative to classic round brilliants. Oval diamonds have a brilliance that is comparable to round-cut stones and their unique appearance makes them a great option for people who want a stone with more character for their engagement ring. While round brilliants are the most commonly used option in engagement rings, oval diamonds also have a broad fan base including celebrities. They can offer your engagement ring a distinct and non-traditional look.

Oval Diamonds

Oval-cut stones are chosen by people for their unique aesthetic and elongated look. Boasting great brilliance and fire, oval diamonds can create a stunning choice for engagement rings. The beautiful elongated appearance of oval diamonds can create a slimming effect on your fingers.

Another benefit of oval cut diamonds is that they can have a larger surface area in comparison with other diamond shapes. Hence, they can look bigger than their round counterparts which makes them suitable for people who want a bigger diamond for their engagement rings.

Oval diamonds do not have sharp edges, so the chance for chipping is low. These stones are rare, but their demand is also less than many other diamond shapes. Therefore, oval-cut diamonds are less costly than round brilliants and several other diamond cuts. So, you can get bigger stones at more affordable rates by choosing oval diamonds.

Oval diamonds can be obtained in a wide assortment of colors and carat sizes. You can also get oval-cut lab grown diamonds that come for cheap prices in comparison with natural diamonds. You can get engagement rings at low price ranges by choosing lab-grown oval-cut diamonds.

Best Engagement Ring Settings For Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are highly versatile like round brilliants. It can look stunning in a solitaire setting and vibrant in a halo setting. Hence, you can get a ring setting you like the best for your oval-cut stone.

Oval Diamonds: Buying Guide

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

When getting oval diamonds, there are certain important factors you have to consider. Because of their particular shape, oval diamonds can hide blemishes and inclusions brilliantly, so you can compromise on the clarity grade of these stones and save a huge amount.

Nonetheless, it is important to get a high color grade, as an oval diamond can show more color than many other diamonds shapes. Also, it is crucial to look for the “bow-tie” effect. It is better to get stones with the “bow-tie” effect less prominent for them to have good brilliance and beauty.

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