Is It Possible To Insure Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Ideal Engagement Ring
Ideal Engagement Ring
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Many people inquire about whether lab-grown diamonds can be insured. Fortunately, it is possible to insure lab-grown diamonds. Today, lab-grown diamonds are extremely popular and people are buying them for making sure that they are not spending their money on blood diamonds.

Anyone buying diamonds should consider insuring them. If the owner is a current subscriber to an insurance plan, the insurer will most likely replace the lost diamond.

Keep on reading this article to know about the different steps that are involved in insuring a lab-grown diamond ring.

Lab Certificate

Having a lab certificate or an actual invoice is an important part of receiving insurance for a lab-grown diamond. Having any of the above-mentioned indicates that the diamond belongs to you as well, indicating that the diamond being insured is genuine and not a moissanite fake. It is recommended to any diamond shopper that after purchasing a diamond, all related documentation be secured for future usage and situations such as insurance. To avoid losing your document due to unanticipated situations, you can keep digital copies of it in your E-mail.


Simply asking the jeweler where the diamond was obtained is one of the various ways to collaborate with a reliable insurer. This can assist you to determine whether or not the insurance business is trustworthy. Also, this will help you to know whether the lab-grown diamond is made by a reputed diamond company or not.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

After you’ve secured your documentation, the next step is to get a diamond appraisal from a reputable jeweler. Professional Appraisal Practice governs jewelry appraisers to ensure that all jewelry, whether lab-grown or not, is appraised fairly, and it is critical to seek out jewelers with proof of a gemologist’s degree and membership identification from a major appraisal group. If so, it’s a good method to get lab-grown diamond insurance started. However, if this is not the case, new insurance policies may well be examined to guarantee that the cheapest price is obtained.

Read Reviews

Online reviews can also aid in the search for suitable jewelry insurers. It is critical to get insurance on lab-grown diamonds. If the jewel goes missing, you’ll have to fight a mental war about how much money you’ve lost and how you’ll ever get it back. If the missing diamond is not insured, the owner will be liable for the loss.

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