A Guide To Choosing Vintage Engagement Rings

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Engagement Rings

Vintage jewelry refers to pieces of jewelry that are 50-100 years old. Jewelry that is more than 100 years old is termed antique jewelry. Vintage and antique engagement rings have become greatly popular among brides over recent years because of the stunning elegance offered by old designs and gemstone cuts. Vintage engagement rings offer a special appeal to your ring that cannot be matched by modern designs.

You can get both vintage and vintage-style engagement rings from jewelry stores. While vintage rings are old, used rings, vintage-style rings are newly created rings that come with vintage designs. So you can choose whether to get an old piece that comes with a lot of history and romance or to buy an entirely new ring that comes with the old charm.

If you are planning to buy vintage or vintage-style engagement rings, this guide can be useful for you, as we list some of the important things you want to know about them.

Benefits Of Getting Vintage Rings

Vintage rings can be unique and beautiful when compared to new mass-produced rings. Also, it can make you feel more connected to your engagement ring, knowing that it holds the history of several years. Additionally, by getting real vintage rings, you can avoid the problems associated with the mining of new gemstones and metals that are required for the creation of freshly created pieces of jewelry.

Getting vintage-style rings has its own benefits too. It gives you the freedom to choose the metal and gemstones present in the ring. You can choose lab grown diamonds or other synthetically created gemstones to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the ring’s creation.

Choosing The Best Gemstones For Your Ring

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Vintage rings come with old gemstone cuts like old mine cuts, old European cuts, rose-cut diamonds, etc.  They are created to shine in candlelight, hence, these stones have a special elegance that cannot be found in modern gemstone cuts. You may also choose to add modern gemstone cuts to your ring if you are getting a vintage-style ring.

Vintage rings usually come with colored gemstones. There is also a wide range of options that come with colorless diamonds. When choosing a gemstone for your ring, there are some important things you have to consider. They include their durability, price, and brilliance. Diamonds are the most durable option, but they are very costly too.

You may also consider other colored stones like sapphires and emeralds that are durable too. Such gemstones can also be more affordable than diamonds.

Also, when choosing a design for your ring, make sure to consider your lifestyle too, as a large number of vintage rings come with delicate designs that can be damaged easily.

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